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The world welcomes this little guy and all his newborn baby cuteness. We know with these awesome little feet he'll be a runner just like his mommy and daddy. Congratulations Jen & Ryan on your new little mini!
Baby Dante - Newborn-41Baby Dante - Newborn-40Baby Dante - Newborn-42Baby Dante - Newborn-45Baby Dante - Newborn-49Baby Dante - Newborn-6Baby Dante - Newborn-3Baby Dante - Newborn-2Baby Dante - Newborn-4Baby Dante - Newborn-18Baby Dante - Newborn-5Baby Dante - Newborn-7Baby Dante - Newborn-9Baby Dante - NewbornBaby Dante - Newborn-10Baby Dante - Newborn-11Baby Dante - Newborn-12Baby Dante - Newborn-13Baby Dante - Newborn-14Baby Dante - Newborn-15